Many Fathoms Below EP

by Uncharted Waters

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released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Uncharted Waters Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Gallimaufry
Blanketed: by ignorance.
Here we wait: in the shadows grip,
Uninnocent insolence: pestilence,
pertinent, to the end of us.
Just open your eyes! See that you’re not perfect.
Let me question your piety, question your faith in me!
Ask yourself:
Well who made you God?
Ask your God:
Is this what he wants?
Question what:
Question your teachings
Question what, you have been taught
(Question your teachings, with me)
With me!
All along the seven seas they shift
As they wander and as they search to grip!
As the canons roar, as the cannons roar,
They cast our judgment, decide with eyes!
Undeserved, we push our hurtful words
and create for all of us a hurtful world!
Don't say you’ve got nothing to live for,
don't ever let them force you to fall.
Find your light!
Don't ever say you got nothing, to, live for
Well it's safe to save, the man in the mirror. The man!
Let them know!!
(I don't wanna be)
Let them know!
(Like them)
Let them KNOW!
(Like them)
We only get so many words!
We only get so many words!
We only get so many words!
We only get so many words!
Let them know!
Let them know!
Track Name: Sirens Ft. Mark Poida of I, Valiance
Sound the sirens,
and lets go
To a place that nobody knows my name.
You will never know
of things I faced
In this abandoned place

Upon these sails you'll float to home
Solace from the broken hopes you've known
So swallow it all
And let it swallow you whole
The siren's call, must sound so sweet
Until it finally, serenades you to sleep

I guess I'll see
you on the other side of this casualty

I'm slipping, under these tides
this is the end of me

Smash, against the stone
into these final breaths
convulse, in hollowed bones
Plunge, into abyss,
into the dark recess
into where nothing lives,
where nothing is left.

And so another one of us
falls between the cracks
Another one of us
fades away to black
Slipping under the waves
Gripping onto the breaking face,
of the cliff they sought to scale,
Drawn under the sea, by the Siren's wail

I'm drowning
I'm sinking
I'm drowning
I'm sinking

To the depths.
To the end of:

We sink.
We sink.
Sink until we find
this ocean's

Track Name: In Memory

I can't believe it's all over now
Nothin' but a jaded memory
Every dream and every single wish
Everything you said to me
And I've stomached this blow -but lost a hope
Thought I was headed home -but lost the road
And it will never be what it was
before began, the end of us.

But I believe I'm stronger now
Stronger than I've ever been
Though that doesn't explain
Why it, pains to sing
(In memory)
And I never wept, never shed a single tear
In beds I'd slept and wished you here
And it's sad to see the visions
as they slip and disappear
As I'm alone and slipping here

I've got to stand
and hold myself
and take this breath
That's severed my stride
And cast it all, aside

But still the thorns cut me so
Passing whispers of what I'd known
Play as voices in the mind
Searching for those fonder times
And it's sad to see the visions
as they slip and disappear
As I'm alone and slipping here

You were way too right, we were too young
Who am I to say that we knew love
It was destined to end and I knew it
But sledgehammers fell when you said you couldn't do it

A couple hundred miles I'd come, in a dying attempt to find an us
But a couple hundred miles was enough to silence us
As quick as it came, it was goodbye to us
As quick as it came, it was goodbye to us
So now I lie in dust, in the scattered ashes
Scramblin' and ablmin' to bury the hatchet
I will heave with the end of every ounce of strength
I will let it go free if I cannot forget
It's finished, it's over it's left in the past
Diminished to closure this breath is its last.

In memory
In memory
This rests in peace
(So once again, I can breathe)
(Once again, I can breathe)

In memory
Track Name: Zabernism
In the mud,
I wallow,
Through half hearted eyes: I swallow, down the scene.
Entrenched amidst, the artillery,
Of this barren waste land that I've discovered.
Never space to recover,
never space to rest
Just shell upon shell, upon my neck

All around I find the final scenes
Many fall on the battlefields
The smell of loss and grip of ends
The ache of bones that may never mend

The mortar's sentence
The coming endings
Every shot I take is as good as wasted
As is all that I've created

And so it all collides
And so it crumbles in the lines
Without a shred of mercy in the night
How will I,

Devil on your back,
Earth upon your shoulders,
Barrel to your neck,
Triggers coming closer.

Devil on your back,
Earth upon your shoulders,
Barrel to your neck,
Triggers coming closer.

And so I slip, and so I fall
Lying here in ashes and in dust

Through the haze I see the mass
I see the final ritual
My end.
Shall come.

But at the cusp of final ending,
the grace of lights descended,
Familiar hand in mine, in the grip of trust
From the end I rise


I'm too far out
(out, too, far, now)
too close to give up!

I won't go down as a coward!
(I, won’t, go, down)
I made a promise:
To not give up,
To not give in.
Track Name: Brothers Ft. Matt Pickering
You were never, a brother to me
Honestly, why'd I ever, believe?

I always knew that you would, hold me back
but I can finally feel,
that I belong.

Run in packs with wolves and crows,
Fight your fights with sticks and stones.
I've got to keep you from this road,
I've got to keep you from this road!

Can't you see the casualties?
The coming face of this destiny.
My brother, my friend:
Can't you see, the impending end?

Take my hand!
Take my hand!

I've got to run from here, I''ve got to go
So many places and common faces, that I'd rather know.

These are the paths we take,
My one and only fate,

My one and only fate!



While you can,
While you can,
While you can,
(I can't see, above the water)

Make a break for the exit,
Make a break for the light.

(I just won't,)
Let's get out of here,
Let's make it out alive!
(make it out alive!)

Make it out live!
(Pull me up!)
Let's leave this place behind!
(Pull me in!)

(Pull me up)
And let's stand,
on the shore again.

All for one, all for one:
Like brothers, my brother.